Thursday, August 2, 2012

From 800-877-4696

Right. Hello, If you are. Mac Stacey, press one If not, press 2 call me back to you soon, have a Matthews bastard you. Hopefully might your though, see no opening the angels. Hello. If you are. Mac Stacey, press one. If not, press 2 call me back to you soon, have a. Matthew, spency hopefully might your though, C know. Opening Night doors.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

From 803-414-xxxx

OR you think. Actually, the where he has a special thank you say something. Bye.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

News: New Direction

So now that Google Voice is no longer invitation-only, I went ahead and created a new account just for this blog. Consider it a social experiment, I guess. So now I have a Google Voice number that exists solely for the purpose of people leaving messages to be posted here. That number is 803-386-9184. (Yes, that's a South Carolina number. That is, after all, where I live and where this started.) So feel free to call, drunk dial, distribute, etc. The more voice mails, the better!

From Sean

Hey man, We're just wondering if maybe you guys wanted my want to get some. I'm gonna take in a little bit. Gimme a call if you get the message but.

Friday, June 25, 2010

From Stephen

Hey man, It's [edited] going to say hey. What's up. I just got home. Will Lloyd my cards out of the rate but I'm thought on some clothes. The Morey, and head over. Never. That way I should call me and tell me not to. Otherwise or whatnot. Yeah, I'll see you guys are. Bye bye.

From AT&T

Hey Mr. [edited] this is gonna come over at AT&T. I just wanted to make you aware of possible availability of an iPhone for use. If you wanna give me a call back on this number I can kind of, so you can on the details and you can make your decision from there. So I hope you're having a good day and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks bye bye.

[Edit: This is the most accurate one yet, actually.]

From A Job Recruiter

Hi David, this is. Thank you. From, and existence this in the past. I wanna might opportunity. I'd like to speak to you have this. If you were available to meet. If you are looking for a new project. Just give me a call back at my number is [edited]. I repeat, it's [edited]. Thank you.